søndag den 13. marts 2011

New blog: "Crustnotch"

I've been experimenting with my "artistic" soul and this is not something I've been doing since I was, what 2-3 years old, and it's funny because some might think "Hey this guy here, he knows all about art (if it's an area in which you can be knowledgable IDK) because he makes these illustrations and he likes to draw and stuff.", but the bottomline is that I never have been keen to experiment with art and words and you know expressionism and the likes. So I made this blog, crustnotch, hoping to achieve something from myself - a learning experience. Some of it might be crap and some of it might be golden - it depends on the individual I guess. All I know is that I'm in a place in my life where I'd like to see some change from myself and this is a way to do it so.. http://crustnotch.blogspot.com/

I still need to tweak the blog a bit, change some things technically, which might take some time since I'm an alien when it comes to HTML codes and the likes.

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