mandag den 28. februar 2011


This is a nice chap I met a little week ago on the street.
I was walking in my nearest city to buy some groceries
when I walked by a guy who sold "Hus Forbi" which
roughly translates to "House By". It's a monthly
danish magazine that revolves around the poor people
of Denmark. The seller gets a percentage of each sold
magazine. Can't remember how much. Anywho, this
guy asked me why I was walking around with my
camera and I said that I used it to take pictures of
random people on the street but up until then I
wasn't as fortunate as to have photographed anybody.
But then he asked me to take some pics of him and I
did and so I drew a portrait. I'm not gonna upload the
real picture of him because of legal policy. I'm
not much of a portratior but I'm glad I met him!

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