lørdag den 12. februar 2011

Big Joe sittin' by the lake

Good ol' Joe. This fella has a lot of crazy stories to
tell you about. Not none of all that mundane
stuff-- no no, he was once a real adventurer in
a land of wizards and trolls and all that of which
you can only read about in books and comic books.
Too bad he once crossed paths with Shhh the
Shushing Sorcerer. Poor Joe here broke the wind
with no bad intentions at all. Being the shushing kind,
Shhh did not take lightly to Joe's gas-ful habits, so
he turned him into a giant. No one knows where
Joe is to this day, but they say that if you
fart in the woods you can hear Big Joe walking about
in the distance...

1 kommentar:

  1. Hey, I'm glad you like my drawings :D It's not what I do the most and I don't feel very talented, so it's good to know that someone likes them :)
    Just posted some more blind drawings for you, haha!

    And I love this drawing, it's really great!
    By the way, I just came to a realization.. aren't we both Danish?